Our purpose is to help children be positive and interactive while they are having loads of fun


Intrepid Kids is not just another gym. We are here for a purpose – our focus is to ensure that fun is a consistent factor in every child’s fitness routine. We ensure we apply the principles of joy and happiness in creating future achievers.

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Fun with a purpose

We take the business of fun, very seriously. Hence, every child that becomes a part of the Intrepid Kids family understand that training time will be a time when they will learn to discover new horizons of strength, flexibility, stamina and emerge happier.

We also know that fun changes over time; for pre-schoolers and children, time spent in parallel play is fun. For tweens and teens, social interactions and competitions are fun. For both these groups, there is fun in learning new skills.

Make Intrepid Kids your child’s social centre – within the safe walls of the centre – your children will discover new avenues of fun and stay connected with other kids their age.

Forging future achiever

We want to impact the lives of children and teens positively. Our focus is on the message, that it is not about winning or losing, but playing a fair game. Our programs aim to build character and define success devoid of any negativity.

We encourage children to accept every challenge and help them achieve their goals without worrying about adversities. This helps them build focus and confidence, and they realize that it is possible to achieve their target despite all odds.


We know and understand that kids move differently as they grow, and we have to re-teach good movement throughout their development. We teach and focus on mechanics over and over again using various stages of progression. Through constant repetition, we ensure proper movement patterns are cemented in a child’s life.

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