We are happy to answer all your questions


1. Is Intrepid Kids safe for my child?

Absolutely yes! It is scientifically proven that strength and conditioning are not only safe but also beneficial for growing children. We want the kids to work hard, but we never push them to exhaustion. Our focus is on safety and proper form, and above all, we ensure that kids have fun at Intrepid Kids.

2. How can Intrepid Kids program benefit my child?

We focus on a child’s motor and cognitive skills through activities that challenge them to think about their movements, count their repetitions, remember the sequences, and work towards a goal. Through the program, we help them hone skills such as focus, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal setting, and ultimately appreciate the importance of healthy and happy life.

3. What can I do as a parent?

We’d love to have parents support their children by positive cheering. We’d need parents to help children maintain consistent attendance and hygiene, and most importantly provide healthy and nutritious meals.

4. Does my kid need to be fit before joining classes?

Not necessarily. Our approach is inclusive which is suitable for beginners as well as kids accomplished in sports. The immediate goal is to maintain general movement patterns, and the long-term goal is to have each kid continue to improve and require a decreasing amount of scaling.

5. How often should my kid come to Intrepid Kids?

Your kids can come as often as they can and want. You could speak with our coach to evaluate and plan schedule if your kid has some other sports practice or any other training.

6. Is strength training safe for children?

Absolutely safe! Some of the benefits of a strength-training program for kids are: increase in muscle strength, power, and endurance, enhanced motor skill performance, an increase in bone density, improved body composition, insulin sensitivity, and blood lipid profile. It also reduces the risk of sport-related injuries, enhances sports performance, and stimulate a positive attitude towards lifelong physical activities.